Friday, June 12, 2009

How Twitter Works

For you that don’t know what twitter is and how twitter works:

Twitter is a webpage where you can become a member and share what you are doing, felling and all kinds of info with whoever is reading. So how does it work, you can be followed and follow whoever, for example Oprah, Diddy, Kobe Bryant, T.A.P or whoever got twitter. And you can use twitter from everywhere not just the computer but also your Mobil phone and that makes it easy to see HOW people are doing, WHERE they are doing it, WHAT they are doing and WHEN they are doing it. But eventhough your not a member you can stil follow whoever just by going to their page on twitter or like we have here on the blog in the right side right under the myspace links a twitter update box.

So get on that twitter shit!!


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