It all started with a mixtape, T.A.P Mixtape wich is a mixtape with 18 tracks produced, written, recorded, mixed and designed by Sindri and D.T. Sindri and D.T have been making music for years but never released anything properly, up until now. It’s now almost two years ago that they decided to start forming a mixtape together. Little did they know about what they had gotten themselves into. To make a mixtape like this one doesn’t happen over night, it’s a long process. It took about one year to make all the songs that did and didn’t make it in to the mixtape, and another year for the design, pressing of the cd’s and the advertising planning to come about. Remember that all of this was done with the hands and minds of two people and that money was of course an issue. But after hard work and a lot of learning along the way, Sindri and D.T can proudly present “The T.A.P Mixtape”.

That was 2009.

Out Now!

The T.A.P Mixtape Is Out And You Can Get It At The Sneakers N Stuff In Malmö Or Contact Us At